My Costco Addiction

It’s a well known fact among my friends that I have a serious Costco addiction! The closest Costco to my house is a 25 minute drive away but I probably make it out there twice a month for my Costco staples (best rotisserie chicken ever for only $5) and to peruse the aisles to see what I don’t need to buy but suddenly can’t live without. With the new school year around the corner, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the office supply section and I was thrilled to see these adorable bug eye pens. Of course I had to have them and it took all of my will power to limit myself to one package.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to give each student one as part of their welcome to the new school year gift bag or use them for rewards. Because I have a self contained classroom, I’ll have the same six students all day so it’s cheaper for me to give all my students freebies than it is for most teachers. It was about $13 for the package, so a little over a dollar per pen, more than I like to spend but these were to cute to resist.

I also indulged on a package of mechanical pencils because it was only $8 for a package of 72 with enough color choices to keep everyone happy. I’m definitely going to give each student two at the beginning of the year and use the rest for rewards.

My last school supply purchase was a writing essentials kit which was on sale for less than $7. I love writing and grading with colored pens so this is perfect to start the school year with.

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