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Setting the Stage

It’s hard to believe but our students start the new school year tomorrow! I think my room is finally ready, thanks to the help from my two wonderful paraprofessionals. It’s my first year at Foster, and my first time teaching elementary school, so we really had to hustle to get the classroom ready because it was stripped down. Our school theme is Lights, Camera, Action so I incorporated that into most of our classroom bulletin boards. Below are some before and after photos of my classroom.

After Photos. . .

Calendar and Schedule
Spelling Chart, Class Jobs, & Behavior Board
Welcome to our room; our school mascot is an Eagle
Long Term Investigation for Science & blank bulletin board for student work

Purchasing a Scotch Thermal Laminator from Amazon for under $35 has been one of the best teaching purchases I have ever made! I spent quite a bit of time laminating at home over the weekend:

Before Photos. . .

My only concern about this school year is that our ESE (exceptional student education) numbers are low and because I was the newest hire, I’m worried my position could be cut. While there are still quite a few jobs available in the county, I’m so excited to have a self contained elementary school class and I don’t want to have to switch schools and positions a month into the year. Keeping my fingers crossed all of our students show up for the 20 day count!

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